Balancing Work Life

I’ve been trying to balance my work life lately. Since my position is 50% Technology Facilitator and 50% Faculty Assistant, the balancing act is even more crucial. I could easily spend 200% of my time on technology projects. Not exactly feasible. Some reflection is required about what I am doing, what I’m not doing, what I’d like to be doing, and what I’d do in a perfect world.

Projects on deck:

  • Overall school website/blog creation
  • Computer lab website/blog update
  • Screencasts for Elem Lab FAQ’s
  • Lesson planning with focus on classroom content integration
  • Desktop wallpaper creation with kid-friendly shortcuts & tips
  • Sharing Discovery Education knowledge with grade level teams
  • Creating “Teaching with Primary Sources” project

All of these things fall into the “Important, but not Urgent” category as presented by Steven Covey.  I like to spend as much time as possible in that quadrant, rather than fighting fires in Quadrant I.  However, I am finding that Quadrant II activities are even more of a time drain than some of the others!  All in due time, I guess.