Chinook of Change

Earlier this week , the winds off the mountains began beating against my house at 4:00am.  Lovely.   I row four days a week and my alarm goes off at 4:30am so I can get to practice on time- the hour wasn’t as much of an issue as the noise!  However, the interesting part was that when I stepped outside, the temperature was a balmy 64 degrees.  What a welcome respite from the freezing temperatures, sleet, rain, and snow of the previous week!  But it was still a hard transition, from freezing quiet to loud warmth.  Our little morning chinook wind reminds me of how the winds of change in education.  At first, we are jarred by the change.  It wakes us from our peaceful, happy sleep.  Then, we compare it to what has been before.  We remember how nice and quiet things were “before”.  And finally, we look around and realize that there are some positives in the new situation.  We feel the warmth, and are thankful for it.  Warm air means flowers can be planted, the trees can safely bloom, and we can shed the snow gear.  And when it’s all said and done?  Well, the winds are gone, the sun is out, and the temperature is PERFECT.  May we embrace the warmth that change brings.