My Local, My Global, My Way

After attending CoLearning 2010 earlier this year, I left a Professional Development session pondering the value of incorporating my local network into my global network.  Embedding it, if you will.  I have always found more inspiration, more openness, more knowledge in my global network (primarily Twitter) than I have in my local network.  Granted, there are some exceptions, but on the whole this remains true.  Some of the questions raised by Ben Wilkoff, Michael Wacker, and Bud Hunt made me reevaluate my propensity to ‘go around’ my local to get to the good stuff in the global.  I came to the conclusion that it was much better for everyone involved if I can situate my local *within* my global network.  How?  Well, I’ve been sharing with my local the value of social networking.  Their biggest concern is the time drain.  I wish I had a response other than “You’ll gain so much from social networking that it will save you time.”  The response has been extremely slow, but positive.  I can now collaborate with peers in 4 other schools through Twitter.  Small steps.  Several of us met this week to evaluate social bookmarking sites, collaborate on screencasts, and generally talk about ways to enhance our local network.  We were in agreement that there is very little in terms of private conversation and sharing that needs to occur, and that the nature of discussions in the open keeps everyone ‘honest’.

Are you working to embed your local in your global?  Are you finding it beneficial?