How to Survive 4th Grade (Student Project)

In the spirit of Kelly Tenkely’s recent tweet about a ZimmerTwins project on “How to Survive 4th Grade”, my 4th grade students took some time to learn Powerpoint basics using the same topic.  I wanted them to enjoy creating their own content, rather than get hung up on it as a research project like my 5th graders did with their Explorers ppt.

Likes: Fun way to incorporate adding slides, images, bullet points, titles, etc. Excitement about the topic from many students.  Project to share with next year’s 4th grade students.

Dislikes: Didn’t allow for enough time to complete.  Some students struggled with the topic and were unsure what to say.  Little ‘wow’ factor- but since I’m not a fan of ppt to begin with, I shouldn’t be surprised.  I need to find a presentation method to teach that I actually like and enjoy. (Prezi, for example, or Glogster even.)

Comments: A good number of students said something to the effect of “don’t make your teacher mad” or else they won’t like you and the rest of they year will go badly.  Need to think how to address that one in the future, because I think it’s an unfair assessment on their part. Try using Keynote next year.