Explorers Powerpoint (5th Grade)

Like: This was the culmination of a long process of learning about information literacy using the All About Explorers website and curriculum.  I love that it taught about false information on the web, and that we need to be critical thinkers who access prior knowledge in order to assess the validity of what we learn on the internet.

Dislike:  It’s Powerpoint.  And I’m not a fan of Powerpoint.  I required them to cite their images, which seemed to be hard for them to grasp, even when you can just click on “Cite this source” on Biography.com or use EasyBib to auto create one.  I need to collaborate better with our media librarian and the teachers in order to teach that better next time.

Ultimately, I like this project because of the focus on research skills.  However, I wasn’t able to plan enough sessions for the kids to really make their presentation pop due to testing schedules.

One thought on “Explorers Powerpoint (5th Grade)”

  1. The scheduling thing is SO hard for a complete activity like this. It seems like you are able to do one portion of the project really well (in this case the research) but the extra “pop” in the ppt might be lacking. It is such a rub and another great reminder of why technology needs to be integrated.

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