Spelling City

Spelling City is a wonderful website to help drill spelling words in a fun and interactive way that’s sure to increase student success.

However, it can also be used to meet technology goals for primary grade levels.  In the last two lessons using this website, students learned the following:

  • Naming files
  • Using drop-down boxes
  • Navigating a complex website
  • Maximizing/minimizing windows
  • Controlling the mouse
  • Locating keys on the keyboard
  • Refreshing a page

Quite a bit of ‘bang’ for our short computer lab buck.  Although I’m very eager to move beyond the “Remembering” portion of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, I want these young ones to know how to use this site backwards and forwards because I think it requires more of them than most websites geared towards children, and therefore does a better job of preparing them for using sites that allow them to create content or collaborate.  We’re working our way up the ladder! (By the way, if you haven’t seen the images and resources at iLearnTechnology about Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy, you really need to check them out!)

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  1. Spelling City is a site I tell every parent I know about. They can’t get enough of it. no more arguments over practicing spelling words! Thanks for including my digital taxonomy, I appreciate that!

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