Watermelon Word Processing


Grade: 2nd

Time: Two 30-minute lab times

This project was an attempt to incorporate Henry Anker’s 2nd grade word processing lessons with something the students had already created in class.  We turned off the auto-spell check.  Students learned about text wrapping, inserting an image, changing font size/color/style.

Likes: Pre-finished draft made for easier word processing, but I wasn’t sure what was appropriate to help further edit during the data entry process.

Dislikes: Not very engaging, other than the picture import.  Finished product doesn’t look very finished. Time consuming for first quarter when students are still learning to save to server.

2 thoughts on “Watermelon Word Processing”

  1. This is a cute project but I agree with your likes/dislikes (by the way, I love that you reflect that way on lessons, I did the same thing!). They got the skills down and that was the goal for this lesson, was it not?

  2. You might be able to make it a little more engaging & teach text wrapping around pictures by having them insert pictures for some of the words making it more a rebus story.

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