Super Special Snowflakes

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Last year, I did a mini-project with Kindergarteners prior to their Showcase night where they drew snowflakes, typed their name on the page, and printed them.  They were precious, and a neat winter wall decor item.  I talked with students briefly about how snowflakes are all special and unique…. just like them! ((Although, I learned today that conventional wisdom about ‘no identical snowflakes’ is not true. Check out the info here at Wolfram Science.))

This year, I’m sprucing up that project by showing a short BrainPOP video on Snowflakes and then sharing another video from University of Wisconsin-Madison on Computer Modeled Snowflakes. (I wish this video was embeddable, but it’s not. It’s worth the click!)

Rules of the game?

  • Use blue colors.
  • Keep the background white.
  • Type your name.
  • Print.

Results below.

I’m also downloading Wolfram’s MathematicaPlayer for my older students because it has an interesting snow growth simulation that I’d like to show to the older students.

2 thoughts on “Super Special Snowflakes”

  1. Looks like fun to me! My students love Make a Flake we use this every year as part of our snowflake discussion. They always turn out incredible and every single one is different. We do a parade around the classroom to check out everyone’s flakes. I would have loved to do a follow up activity where they draw the snowflake. Neat idea!

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