Learning Goes Viral

My intermediate students have made it through week 1 using Edmodo ((I’ll share more on how we’re using this in the very near future.)) as an online classroom. No major mishaps. ((Whew!))  I’m feeling my way along in managing an online classroom while still having a physical classroom, and must admit to a great deal of anxiety and self-doubt. Students have expressed that they feel privileged to get to use Edmodo, and are showing some very responsible behavior. ((I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve actually be almost compulsively checking up on them in the evenings, and I’m staring to realize that I can relax.)) They love it. They’re engaged. They’re logging on at home. ((Which is helping me understand their lives a little better- some are early birds who get on before school in the morning, and others are up much, much later than I would have guessed.))  They’re asking each other questions. They’re typing. They’re interacting. They’re teaching each other.

Learning has gone viral in my classroom. Since students are all working through their ‘assignments’ independently, they’re each at different stages in different projects. My goal in using Edmodo was to free up my time to help individual students, rather than teaching a whole group lesson to thirty students sitting on the floor. Students now log-in quickly to check what others have said, and get started on their work for the day. I now move around the room, stopping to teach one student a specific tip. Occasionally, I stop the whole class and we do a mini-lesson. The most amazing part of this process has been how quickly they teach and share with each other. I am finding that I can show one student how to upload a particular file, and the next thing I know, the whole class has been taught…. virally. What a way to teach!  What a way to learn!

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