Podcast Reflections

[media-credit name=”stock.xchng” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]I regularly listen to podcasts in the car, yet I never take the time to reflect on them in writing.  Sure, I think about the concepts and ideas discussed.  Those morning bits percolate through my day, and I imagine myself trying something new I learned or make a great connection with a classroom issue because that aroma of learning is fresh.  There is something about committing those thoughts and ideas to paper that gives me pause.  Part of the problem stems from being conditioned to believe that everything you write must be a well-thought out, 5-paragraph essay.  What a disservice we do to ourselves, and others, by bowing to this internal pressure and foregoing the experience of journalling our processing.  From here on, expect to see musings from these podcasts here. I can guarantee there will be grammatical errors, poorly developed thoughts, and random commentary.  However, I can also guarantee that in the process, I am learning, growing, and maturing as a thinker and educator.

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