Students as Stakeholders

I just sent out a message to my 3rd-5th grade students using a Google form, asking for their input.  I titled the form “Help Mrs. C Teach!”.  One thing I gathered from listening to a recent podcast is the value of involving students in determining how to use technology.  Students are stakeholders.  It’s all about them.  Today’s students have been exposed to technology from very early ages, and they view things differently.  I’m trusting that my students will use this opportunity to have a voice in a respectful and appropriate manner.  I’ve asked them to answer the following questions:

  • What do you like about the way I teach?
  • What do you wish I would do differently?
  • I feel like our work in Computer Lab is: Too easy, Too hard, Just fine, or (Insert Answer Here).
  • If you were the Computer Lab teacher, what is one thing you would do?
  • If you were the Computer Lab teacher, what is one thing you would STOP doing?
  • What computer things are you interested in learning about?
  • Would you like to teach a mini-lesson in Computer Lab?

In my naivete, I’m making some assumptions.  I’m assuming that these boys and girls have good ideas to share.  I’m assuming that they know some things about how they learn that I don’t know.  I’m assuming that they are going to give me more than “play more games” ((Of course, this is where I should be using more of the gaming mentality…. but I’m still learning to incorporate that.)) and “no more tests” ((I’m in total agreement with them there!  I spend 40% of our technology hours testing using various means.  Sad days.)). We’ll see…

3 thoughts on “Students as Stakeholders”

  1. Hi Julie

    I think empowering your students to analyse how and what they want to learn is a great initiative and it will be interesting to see how they respond and commit themselves to it.

    The phrase “Students as stakeholders” is very apt and gets to the heart of what education is all about.

    Best wishes


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