Digital Parents

Yesterday evening, I supported our school Kindergarten Showcase by having a slideshow with student created digital images playing prior to the performance in song.  Standing off to the side, I started counting the number of digital devices that were prominently displayed while taking images or recording.  I stopped after counting to 30.  There were cell phones, flip videos, video cameras, and cameras.  Parents not only recorded the performance, but also the slideshow with their child’s work. ((I’m in the process of converting and uploading the video to post on the school website.)) Recently, I’ve been talking with students about digital photography and images.  I was amazed when approximately 80% of them said they have a digital camera and take pictures with it.  However, when I see the parents… it all makes sense.  We are starting to see digital parents popping up- parents who are more tech savvy and less inclined to ignore the changes in the world of technology, regardless of socio-economic status.

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