Kindergarten Showcase 2010

My students created a project for their Holiday Showcase this year.  I projected the slideshow during the waiting time prior to the start of their program, and parents really enjoyed it. ((There were many of them using video cameras to record the slideshow.))

I need to credit my friend and mentor, Diane McInturff (@giftedteacher) for this idea.  She’s an amazing thinker, and such a blessing to me.

I read the book Someday by Charlotte Zolotow to the students.  Then, we talked about font sizes, shapes and colors.  Using KidPix, students created a new page, typed the word “Someday”, changed the font/size/color, typed their name, drew a picture, and dictated their “I will….” sentence.  It took two 30-minute class periods- one to read the book and model the font concepts, and the second for the students to create the images.  Rather than having them save, I took screenshots as students finished.  Here is the result:

Kindergarten Showcase 2010 from Berthoud Elementary School on Vimeo.

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  1. Please let kindergarten know that I think these someday dreams and drawings are just wonderful. Lovely choice for the occasion, Julie and a great example of how tech can be integrated.

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