Degree Awarded!

Well, 18 years after I started my college career, I now have a degree. It posted to my transcript yesterday.  Take a look!  I’m official.

Because graduation was the week before Christmas, and my family holiday gathering over New Year’s, I had to choose between walking or being with my extended family.  I picked the latter.  They made it worth my while… (I don’t think it’s possible to regret choosing relationships over ceremony- and man, oh, man, could I write a classroom oriented blog post about that!)

I was called downstairs before dinner one evening to an impromptu graduation party with silly string.  Lots and lots of silly string.  And punch in plastic cups.  And balloons.  And noise makers. (I should note here, that there were over 30 of us at the cabin…. 12 of them children! Armed with a can o’string each…. pics to follow later.)

My family congratulated me on finally finishing and signed a poster for me that means more than any commencement ceremony I could have attended.  My parents are giving me penny stock for graduation… who knows, someday I might just be a millionaire!  🙂

This post would not be complete without sincere thanks to my parents who paid for the first half of my degree, and my husband and children who paid for the second half in both money and time.