Unlikely Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been struggling with wanting life guarantees about career choices.  Not only do I get a little crazy with it, I tend to make those around me a little crazy too. I’m not a gambler.  The very thought of saying “All in.”  seems foolish and irresponsible.  But it is in these places of insecurity and doubt that I’m recognizing the wilting that has been happening in my soul in my current environment.  In the  midst of all this turmoil, I found inspiration in an unlikely place… part of the process of ‘just be’-ing.  When I dropped the intellectual pursuit of an answer in order to read to my daughter, I received an answer.  Irony.

Here’s my answer, straight from “Little Miss Chatterbox”:

But, this story has a happy ending because at the very end of that week Little Miss Chatterbox managed to find herself a job that suited her down to the ground.

And up to the sky!

Isn’t that what we all want?  A ‘job’ that’s not a J-O-B, as Dave Ramsey says, but that suits us “up to the sky”!  That kind of job is worth some risk, don’t you think?