New Year, New Name, New Look

New year, new resolution to get my blogging act together.  I began this WordPress journey with the intention of creating a Digital Portfolio/Online Resume…. which quickly turned into a blogging experience.  It has taken me the better part of a year or two to figure out what exactly I need to express through this platform.  I started out with one domain name…. , which served my needs very well as an online resume URL.  However, as this blog has grown and morphed, I decided that wasn’t where I wanted to leave things.  I searched… and searched…. and blogged about finding a name.  Finally, I just dropped the idea and decided to leave things be until I found some inspiration.

That inspiration came over Christmas break- 7 months later- as I was reflecting on my belief that technology and education are closely woven together in the 21st century.  Like George Couros @gcouros recently posted, it is my hope that the technology becomes invisible in the realm of education, but that the threads of education and technology would weave closely together to create a beautiful plaid…. finally, inspiration!!!  From there, it was a quick mental leap to tartans, given my Scotch heritage.  Enter “Tartan Learning: Where Education and Technology Intersect”.  A few dollars later, I was the proud new owner of two domain names… and .

Then, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find a new blog theme in purple with plaid accents.  There are a surprising number of them out there, in case you are interested.  The one I chose was fun and cute, but soon became the bane of my existence.  It required that every post have images uploaded in two separate pixel sizes- one for the featured image, and one for the thumbnail.  I quickly found myself avoiding blogging because of the hassle that image resizing caused me.  At this point, Pernille Ripp @4thgrdteach had posted about losing her voice, and I felt that I had somehow lost my voice because I was putting technological difficulties in my own path.  Insanity.  So, I tried to simplify with Posterous, but found that didn’t really serve my needs either.  In the end, I found the ideal theme that is both customizable and simple.  I’m already using it to create a new website for my rowing team, Boulder Community Rowing, so I have the background knowledge to make it work for me.

So, welcome to Tartan Learning…. it’s still me, but with a name that resonates with it’s owner, a few extra URL’s to help folks find me easier, and more overall flexibility to grow as a blogger.

[As an aside, how often do we allow students to follow this process of webbing ideas and waiting until something personally meaningful appears?  Hmmm…. next blog post, please.]

Photo on Flickr by Salim Virji

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Name, New Look”

  1. It is fantastic that we can always define our space and rearrange it to suit our needs. Isn’t this a huge thing for our kids also? Whatever your blog is called or how it is designed, I am so glad that you are sharing. Your thoughts inspire many. Keep it up!

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