Beam me UP!

Today, I started participating in the #30goals challenge. Our first goal is to be a beam in a creative way.  Take a look at the first video from Shelley Terrell @shellterrell:

To provide support and encouragement to another educator.  Hmmm… isn’t this a natural process?  I find that because I am excited and passionate about what I do, that supporting and sharing is a natural extension of my life as an educator. The problem tends to crop up when that excitement is lost, and the local pressures of life weigh a teacher down.  This is part of the power of PLN’s- regardless of what is happening in my building or district or state or country, there is someone else out there who isn’t mired in the situation and is willing to be more than a support structure.  They step up to the platform and say, “Beam me up, Scotty.” ((And yes, I realize that Kirk never actually said “Beam me up Scotty”, but the terminology is so pervasive that he might as well have done so.  Just go with it, my Trekkie friends…. it’s not the point of the post.)) And off we go, together to explore worlds unknown.

In thinking about beams, I kept returning to this “Beam me up, Scotty” concept.  It’s so valuable to take mini-vacations in our minds…. to step away from our struggles and problems, and dream for a bit.  I feel like everytime I dive into the world of Twitter or my Google Reader feed that I’ve been ‘beamed up’.  Educators around the world show a wealth of exciting things happening.  And just like returning from a  trip to the Bahamas or even just a “Calgon-take-me-away” bubble bath, I return to my daily life refreshed and renewed.  I also do this locally when I take time to ‘geek out’ with some of my co-workers on our own time((You know who you are, @giftedteacher !).  We get together, and just play with cool stuff. In our excitement to explore the new tool de jour or website of the week, our concerns fall away and we explore new worlds…. together.  In that common exploration, we forge bonds and build support structures that serve us well in our day-to-day experience. Beams.

Do you remember what they say when they’re actually ready to beam up?

One word.


How can you ‘beam up’ another educator today?  Can you help them step away from their situation and step into a world that renews their passion for teaching?  Be the one to make that ‘energize’ call. Find a way to encourage someone in both your worlds today- the virtual one and the physical one.

Photo by jurvetson on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Beam me UP!”

  1. Love the Star Trek references! I think you ask the right question and say the right answer. “isn’t this a natural process? I find that because I am excited and passionate about what I do, that supporting and sharing is a natural extension of my life as an educator.” Many educators have lost the passion and I hope the 30 Goals can help them find it again even if it is only 1 “aha” moment. With all the things like firings, budget cuts, and negative portrayal o teachers in media I know it has been difficult for educators to remember and keep that passion.

  2. I feel the same, jumping on Skype, Twitter, or my Reader always gives me such a renewed passion and desire to learn more and be better.

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