Double Time

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I read an inordinate amount of material online in my field, primarily because it’s the only way to stay current ((by the time most books are published, ed tech is off and running in another direction)), but also because I enjoy it.  I manage that through my Google Reader feed.  I also listen to a lot of podcasts about education, teaching, and technology.  Although I can keep up pretty well with the feed reader, I have a more difficult time with the podcasts.  My favorite-don’t-miss-podcast is Steve Hargadon‘s (@stevehargadon) “The Future of Education” interview series.  I learn so much from every session.  However, each session is roughly 60 minutes long…. and my drive to/from work is about 20 minutes.  A few weeks ago, I learned a pretty neat trick from a parent.  Double time.

Did you know you can play your podcasts and audiobooks at different speeds on your iPhone/iPod?  You can. That was news to me! It’s doubled the amount of listening I am able to do, and I’m starting to catch up with my podcast backlog.  Here’s how:

  1. Open your podcast or audiobook.
  2. Locate the small box on the right under the play time bar that says “1x”.
  3. Press it to toggle between “1/2x” “1x” and “2x”.
  4. Play the podcast.
  5. Adjust the speed as necessary.

As an aside, this interview with Gary Stager@garystager was particularly interesting. Also, I quickly found that Gary speaks fast enough that I needed to take him off the “2x” mode, or else I missed things. You’ll notice that I started with teh 2x, and switched back to the 1x. It works most of the time.;)

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  1. Thank you for this post. I found my podcasts were playing at double speed and I couldn’t understand it as I’m listening to Japanese (I need the slow speed). Now I have recified the problem.

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