Organic Learning

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I’m continuing this #30Goals journey with Shelley Terrell @shellterrell and Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul. This weekend is dedicated to some catch-up time, as I am just now completing Day 3.  Here are the goals & video:

Short-term-Make a bullet list of what you believe regarding how you and others learn. In this reflection, think about how being part of online professional development has redefined the way you learn.

Long-term– In what ways will you ensure that your belief of how your students learn is reflected in your classroom?

What I believe about learning:

  • I believe learning is an organic process, and cannot be forced.
  • I believe learning looks different for each individual, and that makes it easy for us to misunderstand each other.
  • I believe learning is enjoyable if people follow interests and passions.
  • I believe learning is time consuming, and there must be life space for people to actually learn.
  • I believe learning often begins with relationships– others spark our own ideas and interests.
  • I believe learning is the responsibility of the individual– empower yourself.
  • I believe learning is 24/7 and is not limited by a school bell or PD session.
  • I believe learning never ends – we do not finish or end the process, just continue the journey.

For me personally, I know that I learn best when I research visual information and can compile it in my own way. The information needs to be relevant to me- therefore interesting- and challenging. In compiling, I need to take the time to think and challenge those thoughts. I also learn by observing the world around me, comparing it with all that prior knowledge, and making connections that may not make apparent sense to the outside observer. I am a reverse-dreamer… I tend to take ideas or concepts in process, think about them, reconstruct them, and make radical leaps from there rather than pulling dreams from my imagination.

How do you learn best?  Do you know? What do you believe about learning?

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