Lobbing Discussions

Creative Commons License photo credit: awwstin

Recently, I’ve had a number of discussions thrown at me.  You know the kind?  Where the speaker throws something at ya…. lobs it way up high, and then leaves the court before you have a chance to find it, much less respond to it. This is not good communication.  It’s not discussion.  It’s a monologue. Just thought I’d clarify that.

Regardless of how you view the educators in your building ((And they’re ALL about the business of educating kids! From a para to a night custodian to a secretary…. every. single. one. educates. kids.))- from janitor to administrator- this issue of communication is so very important.  I know a janitor ((Philosopher Kings, anyone?)) who listens to TEDTalks more regularly than any other human I encounter, and who is also aware of the latest and greatest apps for education. If we’ll let the conversation happen, we can find amazing wisdom in unlikely places. Take the time to listen. Initiate a true discussion with someone in your building. Hit that ball back and forth a few times.

Have you lobbed a discussion lately?  Do you truly give your hearers a chance to respond? Do you know if people agree or disagree with you?