First Day Insanity… Me.

[I rescued this post from my drafts folder…. obviously, it’s not the first day! We just finished first semester. Still applicable, however.]

Today was our first day back at school. My first day with this new personal learning school.

Insanity sums it up in a word.

The insanity wasn’t the students, the content, or the environment (although it was a wee bit boisterous and hectic). The insanity was me.  My knee-jerk response to being in a smaller, mentoring focused environment  was a desire to recreate the traditional classroom. Amid the noise and chatter, I wanted to sit everyone down, talk about the tools we will be using, and then to model for them on a stinking projector how to do the digital assignments.


Where did that come from? Is the pull of my measly two years in the traditional classroom so great? Why do we immediately turn to these traditional modes of relating to children? Why didn’t I see different ways to easily share with a small group of students? How can I possibly be falling back on that when I’m trying to move forward in learning about inquiry and student-centered learning?

Stop the insanity. I need to open my eyes, to trust in the process, and to help my students gain trust in the process of mentoring and personalized learning.

How’s your insanity level? Are you doing the same things in a different environment? Are you doing different things in the same environment? Or are you changing both?