Blessings #fromphilly

I’m sitting in the airport terminal en route to EduCon, reflecting on the high level of discouragement that I have seen among teachers lately. Often, these amazing teachers are questioning their ability to make a difference in the classroom. While I head to this amazing conference to learn, listen, and share, they head into the classroom. When I get to debrief and have fun, they are feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

Some of this is due to choices they have made, and while I acknowledge that, my point here is that I’d like to do something to share the spirit of #educon.

Starting today, I am going to look for fun little things- a card, treat, etc.- to send to three specific teachers while in Philly. I plan to mail them anonymously to their school address. Now, I don’t think it matters if my name is on it or not… my goal is to let them know that they matter, to encourage them, and to give them a glimpse of the passion for education at #educon that I have the privilege of seeing firsthand.

Will you join me? Will you pick three teachers to send some real-life snail mail to while you are at #educon? (if you find cool goodies to share, would you tweet a pic & the location with the hash tag #fromphilly? Of course, using #educon as well)