Khan Responsiveness

Khan Academy not only delivers some excellent content, but also some great client service.  Our school has been using Khan extensively this year for students who find that method appealing. ((The benefits of customized learning per student!)) Two weeks ago, one of my students was very frustrated trying to complete a lesson in Khan Academy on Creating Bar Charts.  After seeing his point, I suggested that he write to them and share a solution to the problem.  Here is his email ((With his permission, of course.)) :

Dear Mr.Khan
I love the Khan Academy website. It’s been really helpful to learn math. I’m a 10 year old boy in 4th grade at Desiderata School in Colorado, and I’m writing this to tell you about a something I think should be changed. On Creating Bar Charts1, I am having trouble with moving the bar by halves. When I move it, I end up doing it by whole ones. I even tried using a ruler to see where to pull it up to. The problem is that you should move by ones or make the chart bigger.


Caleb Cunningham
Desiderata 345
The amazing part of this story unfolded the next morning.  As we were going about our day, I begin to hear whooping and hollering from my side of the Student Center.  Sure enough, Caleb had checked that section of Khan and this is what he saw…
Voila! Change overnight. Now, I’m certain there was more at play than a simple student email, but my student was beyond ecstatic at the change.  Lines appeared where there were none the day prior…. not his suggested fix, but a better one.
He learned that he can be an agent of change, and that is a priceless gift. Kudos, Khan Academy team.