PBL, Intro

One of the things I have been wrestling with is the concept of Project Based Learning.  This weekend at Educon 2.4, I realized that I just needed to jump in and do it. Letting go of the fear and the doubts, and trusting in the process of student centered learning.

So, today we started out by looking at what fills our normal school day. In Gary Stager’s session on “Constructionism from Top to Bottom”, I was confronted with a classroom schedule that, although different in construction, in essence included separate blocks for literacy and math… and was not that disparate from my own.  And I 100% CHOOSE mine! ACK!  Between that session and the one on “Tradition and Innovation” by Lisa Thumann and Liz Davis, my path for this week was pretty well set. ((Both sessions are linked and archived… well worth watching!))

Borrowing from Lisa and Liz, my students participated in their very own version of “Dig It” or “Ditch It”.  They listed out everything we do in a typical school week, and then were able to line up on ‘sides’ and give their reasons for keeping or getting rid of a certain aspect of our classroom.  I was surprised at some of their choices, and they were very fair and accurate in their discussion.

In the end, we decided to ditch quite a bit of what we do… which terrifies me in some respects.  However, I am willing to ‘go with the flow’ and see these coming months as an educational experiment.

If today is anything to do go on, I think it will be a raving success.  (See PBL, Day1)