Text Communication with Younger Children

To those who say that technology detracts from our ability to communicate:

Who says we can’t convey our feelings through digital media? I read her loud and clear, and I’m sure you did too!

My 8 year old daughter recently received her sister’s iP*d after we purchased a new phone for Dad.  In our house, rank hath it’s privileges, and the underlings reap the benefits. That new phone was purchased in order to get a phone for our 6th grader…. but she didn’t want to give up her iTouch in order to get a phone, so we waited a bit longer to get her an iPh*ne when Dad could upgrade. He’s now mocking me with his 4S, but I know how this Apple game is played…. I’ll be able to get the 5 later this year.

I have a friend who shared how she texted regularly with her teen daughters in the house.  At the time, I truly didn’t understand and viewed it as a very impersonal way to communicate.  Texting is rather like speaking a foreign language.

Can you imagine a classroom full of  students, an iPod Touch on every desk? Once the new wears off, it becomes just another communication method. I can do some classroom management via text. (In the Computer Lab, I did this regularly using Apple Remote Desktop to send a quick note to get a student back on track.) Of course there is a balance with this- if the tool is keeping you from real life, then it’s managing you.  But if it’s used positively it can be an unexpected boon. This year, we’ve been able to creatively handle some behavioral issues by texting between teachers. A simple heads up to a co-worker allows for some cooperation, and the situations are less messy and less embarrassing to those involved and their peers.