Using Fonts to Inspire Creative Writing

Recently, my students learned how to access and install fonts on their computers. (That sounds like a random font explosion… I should say that I showed them how do this…) The experience included a discussion of internet safety, download guidelines, and installation information. Once we had all that ‘stuff’ out of the way, the addition of new fonts has prompted a great deal of new story writing ideas.

Currently, my students are writing stories titled:

“Zebas and Zebras Adventures” (prompted by 101! Zebra Print)

To the Teddies of the Garden” (inspired by Sassy Teddys 3)

I know that I find inspiration in all kinds of places, and it has been fun to watch students take inspiration in the land of fonts. Please be aware that there are plenty of inappropriate titled fonts out there… I haven’t seen many of the actual fonts be an issue, but the name certainly can contain profanity or inappropriate references. (For example, Sh*t Happens is a beautiful font with an unlovely name…)