Blog Insanity- Fix Help?

I’ve spent over 40 hours in the last two weeks trying to fix and update this lovely little internet space. Suffice it to say, if I never encounter the terms ‘malware’ and ‘trojan’ again, I’ll be a happy girl. Thankfully, DreamHost has been very helpful in this process. At this point, things are mostly fixed… they scanned and pulled the icky code, I reinstalled most files, and I’m back in business.  Sort of.

I still have this wonky hunk of code that is somehow populating to the top of my blog from WP-SuperCache. Now, if I turn off the plug-in, I lose my sidebars and most CSS formatting totally (even with Twenty Ten, the default theme). I’m not sure what is happening. I see the lovely code chunk on the admin side as well as all pages on the blog side of things.

Can you help me crowdsource a solution to this problem? Do you know how to fix it? I’ve run out of things to Google. I can’t tell from the source code where it’s even coming from in order to check the .php file.


2 thoughts on “Blog Insanity- Fix Help?”

  1. Unfortunately I can’t offer any help, but I am going through the exact same problem with my wordpress blog on dreamhost, so there must be an issue over at dreamhost.

  2. Hi there

    Disable the WP-SuperCache entirely within the plugins under your admin view…

    Use cloudflare if you wish to receive the caching functionality, along with the cloudflare plugin in wordpress… It requires capture of your ns records, and pointing your MX records to cloudflare, so please read up on that before continuing..

    For more info Cloudflare

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