Back in Business…. Bringing It Home!

I’ve been absent here for about 4 months now, and it feels good to pick up the ol’ blogging pen again. The new WP updates seem to have resolved my former WP SuperCache issues, so I am feeling less thwarted and more willing to write since I don’t have this cloud of technical doom hanging over my head each time I access this space.  Happy sigh!

After spending the better part of the year at Desiderata School, I brought my children home to finish out the school year.  In this economic climate, private schools are struggling and enrollment numbers never increased sufficiently to warrant my presence in that space. I very much missed interacting with the owners of the school (they are amazing!), but really enjoyed the additional freedom to work from home with my kids. (Read: doing school in my pajamas, or getting to go workout at CrossFit Loveland before hitting the books.)  We had a great spring, and are really enjoying our summer.  Spending lots of time at the pool, eating paleo, and time at the gym.

Next year, we will continue to work from home, but the kids will all be spending one day a week in the APEX Program run by the St. Vrain Valley School District. This allows for them to take wonderful electives at no cost and for me to check out curriculum since they are considered part-time students in the public school system.  I am really excited to see how this plays out, because I think some combination of online learning and a la carte face-to-face instruction will be what we see more and more of as the future of education.  I’ve been blessed with a great support system of some amazing educators who are helping me to form a great plan for next year to provide a great quality education for my own children and to retain my sanity when I don’t get to be around enough big people. Great, great, great. 🙂 Actually, you should check them out…. Tim Kubik, of Kubik Perspectives; Michael Clingan, of The Claymore Group, and Diane McInturff, of her awesome self. More to come on that fun little educational brain trust..