Aleutian Connections for PBL Project

Chocolate liliesDo you happen to know a teacher or homeschooling parent in the Aleutian Islands who might have a middle school student interested in connecting for a short project-based learning opportunity? Honestly, with all this tech, I should be able to go to a website immediately, plug in some info, and find a quick connection.  Ideally, this source would have vetted adults sponsoring students into the system, so that there is some safety net and accountability. 😀

Since it doesn’t exist yet, can you help me find a connection?  Or if there is a great place I might find a connection, can you share it?

My 7th grader will be answering the question, “Could I design an Aleutian wildflower garden that would survive in our yard in Colorado?”. It would be super cool to have a student in the Aleutians answer the opposite question, with a lot of collaboration and sharing of research in an Edmodo small group.

Anyone out there in the Aleutians?