5 Strategies to Manage Your Small Business Digital Life


If you have been working with me, you now have an online social web presence. (If you haven’t, now is a good time to contact me for help.) Congrats! You are on your way to serving your clientele better and finding some very cost effective methods of marketing your business. Your customers can now interact, message, or contact you 24/7.



Uhm…. I don’t think I want them following me home at night. Really. So how do I keep that from happening?

Good question! Since I provide services to a number of small businesses, I am personally “on deck” for multiple social platforms across multiple clients. In order to manage that digital load, I implement some basic strategies to partition my business life from my daily life. Pick one or more and start simplifying your life today!

5 Strategies to Manage Your Small Business Digital Life:

  1. Give each device a purpose. For example, I use my iPad to read, play, FaceTime, scan, etc. I turn off Messages and Mail. I delete the Facebook app. I now read in peace. I use my phone and computer for calls, messages, personal Facebook, and business social media quick check-ins. My computer is for writing, correspondence, and all design work. Be purposeful in how you want to use each device, and make it serve you.
  2. Filter your business email. Use a rule or filter to route your business email into a specific folder. If you are not using your phone for business purposes, remove your business email account so you are not bothered with those when out to dinner with the family. You can usually turn them back on with a quick flick of a tab, so you have access in a business crisis.
  3. Add Users in Google Chrome. Create one for your personal life, one for your business life. When it’s time to work, use your business user profile. When it’s time for fun, use your personal user profile.
  4. Use Facebook as your Page while working. Instead of using your personal profile, click “Use Facebook as” in settings and select your page. Bookmark this in your business Chrome user profile. Don’t even log-in to your personal profile during the day unless you need a planned break.
  5. Schedule your Facebook page checks.– I prefer morning and end of business day for small businesses. Unlike large corporations, you do not need constant monitoring in order to serve your clients well.  (I actually do this for my clients as a courtesy so I can alert them to any messages or posts that need immediate attention.)

The ultimate goal of small business social media is to make life easier for you and your clients…. not to overwhelm you. If you are finding yourself frustrated, please give me a call. I can help you manage your devices or take on some of the daily monitoring so  you can focus on what you do best.

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