October TweetUp (Loveland, CO)


Just wanted to issue a quick invite to grab coffee and chat with other educators in the Northern Colorado area. I’m hoping to have the large table reserved, but haven’t been able to talk to anything other than the answering machine at The Coffee Tree yet.  And it won’t reserve a table for me. Go figure.

  • Who: Northern Colorado & TSDR2J Edu-people
  • What: An informal “tweetup” coffee and chat time (come and go)
  • When: Thursday, October 10th 7:00-9:00p
  • Where: The Coffee Tree (downtown Loveland, CO)
  • Why: Talk education, innovation, and network…. local PLN!

Please share with other educators. Bring a friend. Grab your team. Ask your administrator to come with you. Talk to that teacher down the hall. Drink decaf or tea…. leaded coffee not required.

I’m looking forward to hearing what each of you have been doing, and the exciting things you have on your horizon. Hope you can make time to visit for a bit! Leave a comment if you plan to come.  ~Julie

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