CSU Crew Fundraising Priorities

I think fundraising efforts should focus on two things- land training equipment and safety.

Since we are on land more than on the water at CSU Crew, I’d like our initial focus to be on land training equipment. Let’s dream big and see what we can make happen. I think we can negotiate the use of a space on campus and fundraise enough this summer to purchase enough ergs for 16 to practice so a women’s 8 & men’s 8 could be at practice at the same time. (See the Gonzaga Women’s Rowing video below…. 16 ergs is nothin’!)

Safety should be another priority because the water temperatures at Horsetooth are very low during the collegiate season and we can have a sizeable distance to the dock. If an 8+ swamps when the water temps are in the low 50’s, we have a problem with our current launch situation. Ideally, we need to have a launch than can safely hold 8+ rowers, return them to the dock fast, and then quickly be able to return to the boats out on the water. (see video example- I think the smaller one would work fine)

(Boat repair and acquisition is also up there on the priority list, but I’m trying to see if we can find a way to address with minimal funding AFTER we get a bit more organized.)