Recap & Refresh

Over the past several years, my career path has seemingly meandered as I moved from being an educational technology specialist to an independent learning facilitator to a rowing coach to an early college academic advisor to a college prospective student advisor. It’s been quite the adventure…. and one in which each step prepared me professionally for what followed.

(On a personal note, I’ve moved from Colorado to Oklahoma. I’ve had surgery. I’ve launched 3 kids into college. I’ve gained and lost and regained weight. I’ve had a life crisis or two.)

This space reflects that eclectic, crazy life journey.

Moving forward, I’ll be focusing on three things:

  1. Academic advising from high school to college
  2. Higher education enrollment management
  3. Human services counseling

My ‘new’ life here in Stillwater America involves a fair amount of all three things on a daily basis, and I’m committed to developing professionally in these areas so that I can better serve the students and families I encounter daily. This includes: dual credit, concurrent enrollment, transfer students, articulation agreements, 3+1, 4+1, pre-health advising, enrollment trends, parental influence on college choice, student communication preferences, all things SLATE, some things Banner, multicultural counseling, leadership, team dynamics, student organizations, career development facilitation, and much more.

Let’s connect!

[Disclaimer: I guess it’s time to turn that thing back on in the menu, huh? My opinions are my own and not those of my employer, etc.]


Week 7 (July 13, 14, 16)

Hey all- sorry for missing a video post last week! This week, we are moving towards being prepared to race. Please take a few minutes to watch these videos on race starts! Racing starts vary, but typically they are something like “half, half, three-quarters, length, full, high 10, settle”. We can talk more about that on Tuesday. ~Julie

1. Rowing Visualization

2. Technique Playlist

Week 5 (June 29, 30, 2)

We are revisiting the catch again this week. Pay special attention to ‘feeling’ the water before you drive with your legs. We will be doing some drills to help with this. ~Julie

1. Rowing Example

2. Technique Video

3. Class Feedback (Anonymous)

As we move into our second month of class, I’d like to know how we are doing. Could you answer the following questions? Thanks!