Week of 8/–/2015



  • Set drill
  • Pick drill
  • 10′ piece by 6’s (5′ @ 18, 5′ @ 20)



Coxswain Notes: 

  1. Please make sure you get a walkie talkie from me before you launch. I prefer to talk to you and then let you direct the boat, especially early in the season. I will expect a hand to indicate you heard me, and then to see you relaying whatever information I just gave you to your crew.
  2. Boats should stay together unless I indicate otherwise. At the beginning of the season, I will be boating for similar speeds. If a  boat ends up being faster, that coxswain should take the outside line and also have throw in pause drills (arms away, body over, etc.) and/or lower the rate to keep the boats together until we hit the workout. Cycle through pauses quickly to keep your rowers warm.
  3. Launch, have your rowers check/ fix heights, adjust feet, and do our two regular pre-warmup drills: set drill and pick drill. Cycle through boat by halves- this should be quick and done by the time you are ready to exit Inlet Bay. Then, move to the warmup on the square by 6’s (or 2’s if in a 4+ or 4x))…. the objective is to get all rowers warm and ready to row. Cycle through no more than every 20 strokes. I will likely be asking you to relay info during this time too, so expect the warmup to be rigorous for you as a coxswain.