Week of 8/–/2015



  • Set drill
  • Pick drill
  • 10′ piece by 6’s (5′ @ 18, 5′ @ 20)



Coxswain Notes: 

  1. Please make sure you get a walkie talkie from me before you launch. I prefer to talk to you and then let you direct the boat, especially early in the season. I will expect a hand to indicate you heard me, and then to see you relaying whatever information I just gave you to your crew.
  2. Boats should stay together unless I indicate otherwise. At the beginning of the season, I will be boating for similar speeds. If a  boat ends up being faster, that coxswain should take the outside line and also have throw in pause drills (arms away, body over, etc.) and/or lower the rate to keep the boats together until we hit the workout. Cycle through pauses quickly to keep your rowers warm.
  3. Launch, have your rowers check/ fix heights, adjust feet, and do our two regular pre-warmup drills: set drill and pick drill. Cycle through boat by halves- this should be quick and done by the time you are ready to exit Inlet Bay. Then, move to the warmup on the square by 6’s (or 2’s if in a 4+ or 4x))…. the objective is to get all rowers warm and ready to row. Cycle through no more than every 20 strokes. I will likely be asking you to relay info during this time too, so expect the warmup to be rigorous for you as a coxswain.

Week 1 (June 2 + 3)

Welcome to the beautiful water at Horsetooth and the sport of rowing!

This week, we will be meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday rather than our regular T/Th schedule. I am heading to Bellingham, WA for a sculling clinic… I promise to bring back lots of great tips!

Lots of learning below- I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to watch and learn. Comment below if you have questions.  ~Julie


Present: Kathy, Ingrid.

1. Rowing Visualization

Please take a few moments to watch the rowing visualization video below 5 times. Each time, focus on something different. What happens to the legs during the rowing stroke? Arms? Elbows? Head? Back? Taking this time to visualize what the stroke looks like will help you tremendously in the boat.

2. Weekly Playlist

This playlist has some techniques and terms that we’ll be using our first week out. This will be a regular format for us- example, technique playlist, and then we will add in video review of ourselves the next section.

3. Novice Initial Survey

This survey will just help me to help you…. let’s plan to stay guts up, dry, healthy, and happy, shall we?