Colorado State Crew

Summer is a great time to hone your rowing skills and fitness…. especially since our collegiate season is so short here in CO! ~Julie

Summer Homework:

  1. Learn to Scull (see me for info on summer rowing with FCRA and other CO clubs)
  2. Video yourself on the erg (from the side) for 5 minutes using Ubersense and share the video with me. (2′ @18, 2′ @ 22, 1′ @26… translation: 2 minutes at 18 strokes per minute (SPM), 2 minutes at 22 SPM, and 1 minute at 26 SPM)
  3. Erg test the first week in June. (Read the erg test directions- you will do this again in July and August. It’s easier with a buddy. If you have issues finding an erg, contact me.)
  4. Help out the team with fundraising this summer. (Specifics to follow- we are dreaming big and seeing what happens!)

Mark Your Calendars!

Learn to Scull @ Horsetooth (this summer- dates & cost TBD)

Frostbite Regatta (November 1, 2015)

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