Curriculum Vitae

[This page exists because I’m still not sure how I want to document my learning…. your best bet is to connect with me on LinkedIn, view my Acredible Portfolio or assess my continuing education through my Degreed Profile.]


  • Bachelors of the Arts in History, Oklahoma State University

Professional Development

  • EduCon 2.4 Conference- Philadelphia, PA  January 27-29, 2012 (Live Attendee)
  • EduCon 2.2 Conference- Philadelphia, PA  January 29-31, 2010 (Virtual Attendee)
  • ” Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources: Essentials Exploration”  (8 hours, University of Northern Colorado.)
  • “Enhancing Education through Technology” (8 hours, Thompson R2-J School District)
  • “Promethean Training, Day 1” (8 hours, Thompson R2-J School District)
  • “Getting to Know Your Mac” (30 hours, Thompson R2-J School District)

Relevant Experience

  • Registrar (E³ Learning CO at Ferguson High School) September 2013-present
  • Technology Facilitator & Faculty Assistant   (Berthoud Elementary School)  August 2009- May 2011
  • Technology Advisory Committee (Thompson R2-J School District) February 2010- May 2011
  • Safety & Belonging Committee (Elementary School) September 2009-May 2010
  • Technology Committee (Elementary School) September 2009-May 2011
  • Critical Thinking/Gifted & Talented Committee (Elementary School) September 2009-May 2010

Other Experience

  • Office Manager & General Staff (Health Food Cooperative)
  • Secretary (Church)

Professional Associations

  • NACADA (The Global Community for Academic Advising)


  • “Morning Bytes for Teachers”. Daily email technology tips for educators at my elementary school.

Institutional Service Courses Taught

  • School Club “Wacky Websites & Silly Stories” (1 hour for 4 weeks)
  • School Club “Lights, Camera & Action” (1 hour for 8 weeks)
  • Tech Tidbits (partner teacher in 10 minute teacher professional development presentations)

Community Involvement

  • Youth Coach (Church)


  • Available Upon Request

Qualifications or Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Macintosh iLife
  • Windows and PC Plaforms

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