My Bucket List

[This list is a work-in-progress.  Here are things that I want to do/learn/be/experience/create as an educator before I “kick the bucket”. I purpose to be myself, notice things, dream big, connect those thoughts, and then do them.]

  1. Build and maintain relationships with mentor teachers throughout the world who will broaden my horizons and stretch my worldview.
  2. Understand  multiple intelligences and use them to personalize student learning opportunities.
  3. Attend EduCon 2.4 in person (January 2012). COMPLETED 1/30/12
  4. Manage a student directed classroom while still meeting state standards.  (I really think it can be done…. I’m just not sure how yet!)
  5. Visit Mitch Squires’ class and school…. in Sydney, Australia.
  6. Lose my preconceived notions about what learning should look like, and learn instead to observe students in the act of learning.
  7. Equip children to relate to other people as global citizens, with respect for personal differences and understanding of cultural differences.
  8. Spend a week at Reggio Emilia attending their week-long workshop.
  9. Create a classroom community that is supportive, respectful, energetic, and joyful.
  10. Obtain my Initial Colorado Teaching License.

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