My Academic Advising Independent Learning Plan


As I spend more time working with personalized learners through E3, I find there is a huge gap between high school and college in terms of adequate and personal advising. We have students in our program with very specific needs and goals who need expertise and advice from someone who knows them.  I want to fill that gap and help families navigate the many options available to them as their students complete high school requirements earlier and earlier. Although I am considering pursuing a Masters in Academic Advising from K-State, I do not feel that is the best use of my time and money right now. Instead, I have embarked on an independent learning project of my own to educate myself about the field of academic advising. (See- this personalized, independent learning thing works for adults too!)

Here are my recent steps:

  1. 100 Cups of Coffee – This is my variation on the concept for start-up businesses of meeting 100 people for coffee in order to launch your business. I am meeting with 100 people to discuss the career opportunities and education requirements in academic advising as well as learn about the day to day experiences in the field. (More on this to come- I need to request permission from the two folks I have already met with to mention them by name… and the two I meet with next week!)
  2. Volunteer/Intern – I have offered to donate 4 hours a week of my time to intern at two different schools. One is very excited about the possibilities of my ‘job shadow’ project, and the other does not really grasp how this can benefit them. (Discussions continue. Also something I will blog about once it becomes a reality.)
  3. Academic Advising Books – When I elected not to enroll in graduate study this semester, I had already researched assigned texts in order to calculate cost. Now, I am just reading through them… and paying attention! It’s amazing to me how differently I approach academic books when I am not under time pressure or “write a paper about this” pressure.
  4. Twitter for Academic Advising – I have started a list of higher education professionals in the field, and plan to spend time reading and interacting on Twitter. I was happy to see there are quite a influential folks using Twitter for professional development.
  5. NACADA Membership – I joined, and should start receiving their publications and other information. Not sure how much impact this will have on my learning, but I think it is an important step in being connected to the people and ideas that will make a difference in my journey.
  6. NACADA Region 10 Conference (May 2014) – I’ll be attending the conference in Jackson Hole, WY. Not gonna lie, this one sounds fabulous. These kinds of events are really important in the ed tech world, and I hope to see the same kinds of connections and learning happening at this conference.
  7. NACADA Region 10 Facebook Group – This group seems very active and helpful in sharing through the Facebook Group. In the past they have paired mentors with mentees within their group, and they assure me that they intend to offer that again in the future. Cool! Might just help with #10.
  8. YouTube Webinars – Amazingly, there are quite a few lengthy webinars specifically dedicated to academic advising on YouTube. I’m working my way through them and have created an Academic Advising PD playlist.
  9. COWY ListServ – It’s amazing to me that ListServs still exist in 2014. The last time I encountered one of these was decades ago… however, I hope that there will be helpful info shared through the COWY List Serve (COWY is the Colorado and Wyoming Academic Advising Association.)
  10. Find a Mentor – I’d like to work with a mentor or two in the field of academic advising. This could be via FaceTime or Skype or face to face. Not sure who, when, or how, but I trust that the above things will lead me to the right person.


What should I add to my plan? Do you have a book or video or conference suggestion for me? Do you know someone in northern Colorado who I should connect with over coffee? Know someone who would make a great mentor? Please comment. 

My Saturday- learning on the UNC campus while waiting for my son to finish the ACT
Last Saturday… learning on the UNC campus while waiting for my son to finish the ACT.