iPad Party

This evening, it was pizza and iPads at Tiki’s place.  Mrs. Kile, a 4th grade teacher in my building, “won” a writing contest granting her the use of 5 District purchased iPads for the remainder of the school year.  (Check out her iPad blog.)  Lucky us!  We ordered pizza, downloaded apps, talked blogging, shared websites, and bemoaned the lack of Flash support in the iPad.

Although I love the ‘wow’ factor in the iPad- and there are some apps that really amaze me- the bottom line is that I think the iPod Touch has better educational application at the elementary level… at 1/3 of the cost.  It was very frustrating to see that many Web 2.0 tools- like Glogster, Scribblar, and may others- can’t be used on the iPad.  And compared to the iPod Touch App base, there were few Apps that took advantage of all that extra real estate.  I’m sure that will change over the coming months, but for now, I’m withholding judgment.


  • Large screen viewing of websites
  • Drawing/notepad applications
  • Size/weight/portability


  • Lack of Flash support
  • Keyboard remained hidden on some websites that need it
  • Lack of Flash support
  • Limited number of apps
  • Mac apps like iWork not bundled
  • Oh, did I mention the lack of Flash support?

(And by the way, my children loved the Labyrinth and RollerCoaster apps…. and were generally enthralled with the iPad.)

Huge thanks to Mrs. Kile for sharing with us!