Teamwork Isn't Easy

by fisserman on Flickr

Last week, my students came face to face with an undeniable fact…. teamwork isn’t easy. Now, these students have been incredible until the day in question in the maturity and flexibility they have shown while working on their project.  Guess what? They are human, and had a bit of a communication breakdown.

I’ll let them speak for themselves on the topic of collaboration…

Today was hard  our team fell apart. We leaned something special  today be kind to team talk it out first. Don’t  fight  about  it. When your team falls apart read my blog and learn what we leaned today.

Abby C.

Today we learned that working in a group is not as easy as it sounds, at all! We decided to work on our presentation and we got pretty much no where so we stopped and we will continue tomorrow.

– Tuscany S.

Most of the time its easy to work with friends, but not always with me. I’m a VERY emotional girl, and very sensitive. But when working with others I tend to want to do a certain part by myself, which, doesn’t always happen. Today we ran into a few problems with our PBL, and most of us did some pretty stupid things and most of us vented into a chat box, which hurt people more than was intended.

– Emily C.

I was impressed with their level of self-awareness and ability to reflect honestly on the experience. ((I’m sure they’d love to hear from you… their names are linked to their posts.))